Everyone has genius. Everyone has voice. Everyone can write.

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Students who hate to write sit in class next to those who love writing. Some will attend the top universities in the country. All of them face the same universal struggle: to know thyself, to trust what they believe and to express with words.

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When students walk into class sullen because they have been forced or bribed to take my writing class, it is beautiful to witness them become captivated, forgetting that moments ago they hated to write and had nothing to say. I watch their noses move closer and closer to their pens, eyes glued to the page, pens moving vigorously as if words are their lifeline to themselves.

When they finish writing, I watch them look up from the page dazed, as if forgetting where they are. They set down their pens with disbelief that in such a short period of time, they’ve written more than they have in their entire lives.


Genius: our attendant spirit present from birth;
innate ability or inclination

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The writing clinics are designed to have students connect to their opinions, desires, and words. They will learn writing techniques that fill pages, revision strategies that hone clarity and depth, and editing skills that make every word count. 

Most importantly, writers will learn to trust themselves and discover they can express their genius.